I’ve joined a Pyramid Scheme!!! What???

Just kidding… well, sort of.  Network Marketing has become a really fantastic way to make money whether it be on the side or as your main source of income.  And if done correctly, isn’t sleazy salesy at all.

A few months back I wrote a post about Side Hustles.  So far, besides starting this blog, joining my network marketing company has been the absolute most fun, most rewarding, and comes with the biggest payoff.

Not all network marketing companies are the same.  You need to find the one that suits you most.  For instance, as much as health and wellness is incredibly important to me, I am not the person to be giving out health advice.  I can’t ask someone to do a detox program while I’m stuffing Oreos down my throat.


I personally joined a luxury hair care company that makes amazing hair care products that are botanically based, have no harsh chemicals, is vegan, cruelty free…. etc.  I also picked this because it’s a consumable product.  I tried jewelry before but not many people have a ton of money to buy jewelry over and over again on a monthly basis.  Shampoo on the other hand, you always need shampoo.

Selling a consumable product = passive income.  Passive Income is awesome because I don’t really have to work for it.  My customers have a need, I provided them with a resource and when they have more need, they can purchase again without me every getting involved.  I make money while I sleep!!


Another reason why I love my specific company is that the overhead cost is minimal.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s scary to front a chunk of change when every penny counts.  But if you don’t take risks, make an investment in yourself, you stay stuck where you are.  So besides this one time initial cost (that was totally doable) to get my product pack, there is no other overhead.  No parties to attend (unless you a want to), no product to have on hand and no fees.  And most people, with the right amount of work, get their investment back within the first month.

My favorite part so far (besides the money, duh) is the team.  For me, starting a new venture like this with my ADHD could be a cause for concern.  Doubts and insecurities tackled me the moment I said yes to this.


The team I joined has put those worries to rest.  The support they provided me is astounding.  The tools that I have at my disposal would costs thousands of dollars in training if I were to do them on my own.  They’ve created a duplicatable system that works to help me (and others) be successful in business.  And OMG the energy!!  I can’t get enough.

So why is Network Marketing great for my ADHD?

  1. I get to play on the internet a lot.  I don’t do salesy stuff but use attraction marketing which requires me to be social.  Doing a Live on Facebook has become my most favorite thing (even though I almost pee my pants the first time)
  2. I get to be part of a team that has crazy energy and wants to see me succeed so they have team meetings and rallies and they keep me accountable.
  3. There is something new everyday.  It’s never boring so it keeps my interest.
  4. No sitting in a cube required.  It’s so much more fun to pace around my house on the phone or meet potentials customers or business partners for coffee.
  5. Getting a sale gives me an incredible dopamine boost!  It’s the best feeling and it makes me want to work harder and harder.
  6. I can work on my terms.  I don’t have someone micromanaging me yet I have a team leader that I can still get support from.
  7. I have an excuse to take selfies!
  8. I have made some awesome friends that are all working towards a similar goal which includes changing lives.  Our own and the lives of others as well.
  9. My energy is a huge asset.  I get customers excited about the product (which is pretty easy cause they are awesome) and business partners are pumped for the opportunity.
  10. I gained more confidence in the first two weeks of doing this than I have in years.  Putting myself out there helped drop some sort of barrier I had up.  I even did a live telling all of Facebook that I have ADHD.  WHAT?!?!

I could probably go on but I’ll be shocked if you have stuck around this long.  I hope you can look at what I’ve done, what I’ve accomplished and believe that this could be a possibility for yourself. Even perhaps an opportunity to get out of the situation you are currently in with your job.  We are not always meant to be in a “normal” 9-5.  We sometimes need some freedom to work when the mood strikes.  Network marketing can give you that freedom.  Just do your research.  Find the product, leadership and company that’s right for you.

If what I’m doing sounds like it could be for you (you know you are curious) and you would like more information, please shoot me an email or reach out via the contact form below.  I really hope I hear from you and look forward to working with you.


What’s distracting me?

School vacation just started, Moo is going to horsebacking riding camp for a few days and the hours are all funky.  We are leaving to go on vacation and haven’t packed yet.  The dog needs to be boarded and I need to figure out how to get the crate to our babysitter.  The floors are being re-done upstairs while we are away so I have to bring my entire upstairs downstairs while packing at the same time.  And that’s only half of it.  Yeesh!

What’s distracting you?


Can’t wait to hear from you!


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