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For how knowledgeable I am about ADHD symptoms and skills and tips to help me cope, I am really uninformed when it comes to explaining what’s going on in the brain.  Well, that’s not really true.  I just can’t remember anything I read.

I keep seeing this term, Neurotypical, and I really didn’t know what it means.  So I decided to look it up.

Neurotipical: not affected with the development disorder and especially autism spectrum disorder: exhibiting or characteristic of typical neurological development.

Okay, that’s easy enough to understand.  Neurotypical basically describes “normal” people.  People without developmental disabilities.  Now I’ll understand what people are talking about in my ADHD groups on Facebook.

So now that I know the definition of Neurotypical, what is the opposite?  Before I tell you,  I have a short story to tell.

I was talking with a friend a few weeks ago who is so obviously ADHD it’s shocking he hasn’t been diagnosed.  We were talking about his son and I was explaining what the downstream impacts can be if you don’t get a diagnosis early.  I was explaining my symptoms and how it affected me.  My friend started talking about his childhood and what he’s done to compensate in areas that he found challenging and how we both felt so different from the people around us, blah, blah, blah….. He turns to me and says “You know that movie with all the people in the different factions? I have always thought I was like the group that didn’t fit in one faction.”

I got so excited and I practically screamed “OMG I’M DIVERGENT TOO!”  I have always thought the Divergent books/movies were such a great analogy when thinking about my brain.

Imagine my surprises when the opposite of Neurotypical is NeuroDIVERGENT!!!

Neurodivergent basically describes anyone that is not Neurotypical; people with a deviation of the brain from the “normal”.  This can include autism, bipolar, dyslexia, ADHD and others.

It’s so fun when what could be some really boring research ends up having my life being similar to a movie.  I’m all about making analogies using movies or books.  I have a lot more research to do.  I want to really understand what is going on in my brain.  Hopefully there will be more movie analogies so I can actually retain the information.

One a side note: if you haven’t read the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth you really should.  They are wonderful.  I have them on audio and the narrator is awesome.  Check it out.

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Firepits! We are having work done in the yard and we may be adding a firepit.  Pinterest is the worst! Do I want gravel or sand or should we be more traditional and go with a stone patio.  I really like it when the “pit” looks like it was made that day with rocks pulled from the beach.  But maybe one of of those huge copper tubs would be cool.  Oh, and look at all the lighting options……..

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  1. I just googled adhd and film divergent to see if anyone else can really identify with this. There is something in the lack of ability to prioritise and divide ideas/ subjects/ problems that can also be framed as something positive.

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