If you hang around long enough you will notice that the amount of quotes I pull from movies to describe my life is staggering. At least I assume you will… I mean this is truly my first post after all.

What About Bob.  Classic movie, check it out!


I wanted to give you a little more insight as to who I am and why I bothered with this blog in the first place.

So as I mention in the about me, I’m 39 years old, I have two daughters and I work in Corporate America with a crazy commute. I’ve been married to an awesome guy for almost 13 years. He puts up with my ADHD which is so difficult and I put up with his version of crazy. It just happens to not really have a name. I mean we all have some version of crazy. Our life is busy and sometime insane and my ADHD throws quite a bit of complexity into the mix.  And until recently, I really thought that I couldn’t make any improvements to the way I lived my life.

I had been diagnosed at 16 which I had always thought was really late and my brain was too hard coded to learn to live any differently. I was so wrong. Shortly after my father died in 2014, something prompted me to look into my ADHD and get some help. I needed help dealing with my Dad’s death and to tackle some of my ADHD symptoms as well. I found an awesome ADHD coach that helped me deal with some of my grief and also made me understand aspects of my ADHD that I had no idea existed.


I went (and am still going) from “I am limited due to my disability and dislike my ADHD as much as my husband does. Nothing can be done to improve it because it’s too late for me to really learn any copying skills” to “I have ADHD and I love myself for all my quirks and if said quirks bother you then your loss cause I’m awesome”. And “if I do ‘this’ then life becomes just a little bit easier” Well, that’s the abbreviated version 🙂

To get me from one thought process to the other has been a ton for work, a lot of tears and ah ha moments. I had to learn to love myself which was so hard because I didn’t realize I hated myself in the first place. There is still a lot of work to be done. One of the biggest things I have learned is that it’s never too late to improve. Some of the skills, tips and tricks I have learned are so easy. There is a big part of me that wishes I came to the realization sooner but that isn’t healthy and I truly am grateful that I got to have the realization at all. So many people don’t.

Through this journey I have discovered there is so little information about adult ADHD. I mean, the information is out there on how to improve your life or to make life a little easier. However, ADHD is so new there isn’t a lot for adults with ADHD. At least not easily accessible. Having ADHD as a child impacts our lives as adults. Having such a painful childhood lives with us until we have a chance to inspect it. Until we are diagnosed we don’t get to do that. There are so many “why’s” and “what if’s.”

The idea for this blog came to me because as I learn about myself and ADHD in general, I have seen other adults in my life struggling and have felt compelled to nerdjack (yes, it’s a term, look it up) our conversations and tell them all about my journey. Some people have been really receptive and their eyes have opened to possible new ways of living their own life. There are so many people out there that think ADHD (and most mental disorders) are fake and it’s so far from the truth. People I know, my neighbors, family members and friends are suffering and they don’t even know it. They think if they just worked a little harder it will get better. There is a lot of finger pointing and misunderstanding.

I am incredibly lucky to have been diagnosed when I was, even if it was really late. So many people didn’t get that opportunity for whatever reason. If I get one person to come across my blog and say, “OMG it’s like she knows my brain” I will consider all this work worth it. Sometimes just knowing you are not the only one experiencing something can make the experience a little easier to handle.

So I am going to stop rambling now. I am by no means Shakespeare so I will be thrilled if half of this makes any sense and I haven’t completely turned you off. Come on back soon to see what else my brain wants to share. Thanks!


What’s distracting me?

Creating a blog of course! It’s really stinking hard! And finding the perfect yellow cardigan to go with a new top that I got. I spent at least an hour on Pinterest today looking for one which led to looking for a new pair of shorts which led to finding sandals that don’t go between your toes to trying to figure out when I can fit in a pedicure.

What’s distracting you?


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