Favorite Things

With ADHD it is crutial to find ways to say “I can”  to the things that used to be “I can’t.” Sometimes this means having to purchase things that make life a little easier.  Below are some things that I currently use (and love) that make my life easier and help fill the gaps that ADHD creates.  If you decide to try any of these things out I’d love to hear about your experiences with them.  Nothing helps others better than a good review.  And don’t forget to come back often.  I am sure I’ll be adding new products all the time!

As always, This post may contain affiliate links meaning I earn a commission if you use those links. But never fear, I only recommend good shit that I use and love. See my affiliate disclaimer here. 



Habitica is the very first thing I check in the morning and the very last think I check at night.  Habitica is a way to Gamify your life to make everyday tasks fun.  This is an app as well as a website and I have it open at all times when I’m at work.  You can create habits, have a daily task list and to-do’s.   There is a community for every topic available called Guilds.  I belong to guilds for ADHD, Bloggers, Crossfit and Whole Foods.  There are also “Parties”  which is essentially a team.  You can go on quests and if you don’t finish your dailies your team loses points.  It brings accountability to your day.  I do not have any affiliation with Habitica besides the fact that I use it everyday.  It’s free to use for the most part.  There is a membership program for $5 a month that gives you more gems to buys things which I really needed for the incentives.  If you choose to take advantage of only one thing on this page, choose Habitica.  It is worth more than all the others combined for the ADHD brain.  Website LINK  App LINK


6 water bottles with 6 different color Ullas

I hate drinking water!  Like seriously hate it.  I think I have some subconscious PTSD from a stomach bug incident after being forced to drink water. However, drinking water is essential for everyday health.  It’s even more important to drink water if you take ADHD meds.  Side effects from medication can create awful dry mouth which creates awful bad breath (ewe!).  And the headaches, OMG the headaches.  To help me drink water I put an Ulla on my water bottle which flashes at me I haven’t taken a drink in a while.  “The sensor’s hydration interval is programmed in a way that reminds people to pick up their water bottle at least twice per hour – That is 16 times in a typical 8-hour work day.”  Get your Ulla here.


Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway is a service that allows you to rent a dress for any occasion of your life.  This dress is on my wishlist for a Christmas party that I’m not even sure is happening.  But I really hope it is cause this dress is the shiznit.

Designer dresses at a fraction of the cost. ADHD causes me to make crazy impulse purchases which means I spend more money than I should on a dress I would most likely only wear once.  I would only wear it once because I get bored with what I already have.  Rent the Runway allows me to wear some of the most well made, funkiest and fun dresses without having the guilt of only wearing a dress once.  I haven’t gotten a bad dress yet which is amazing considering how risky is it to get a dress 2 days before an event and have never tried it on before.  Luckily there are a ton of reviews with tons of pictures of real people in the each dress. So seriously, go check it out Rent the Runway.  You get $30 off your first order by using this link: Go get a seriously awesome, expensive dress that you don’t have a to pay a lot for.  No, seriously!  Go do it!



I have a really hard time getting housework done.  One of the ways I get things done is by listening to a book on Audible.  I throw my headphones on and do the dishes and fold laundry.  There are times I get extra stuff done because I don’t want to stop listening.  It really helps when I’m extra tired at the end of the day and I have no desire to unload the dishwasher.  It gives me that little bit of a boost to get me through the worst of tasks.  Click on the picture to download 2 free audio books.



I’ve mentioned here and there that I hate cooking. It seriously stresses me out.  But I do try every now and then. Unfortunately, on those days I often forget to defrost whatever meat I planned on cooking.  That’s where the Instant Pot comes in.  It’s a pressure cooker and seems kind of daunting at first but is seriously easy.  I literally take frozen chicken breasts out of the freezer, pop them in the pot with some chicken broth, water, balsamic, salt and pepper (no measuring at all whatsoever, I mean, who measures anyway).  Set the timer and press go and in less than an hour I have SHREDDED chicken.  Not just cooked but soft, shredded chicken.  There are a ton of recipes online to assist as well as the directions that come with the pot.  This thing could seriously replace your stove, crock pot and rice cooker.  It’s that awesome and easy.  Here’s the link to the one I have ——> LINK


Rice Cooker

I know I just totally bragged about how the Instant Pot can replace every cooking appliance in your home but I got my rice cooker way before my instant pot and sometimes I just need to cook rice. It’s smaller than the Instant Pot and I love that I can turn it on, leave it and know that I won’t kill my rice.  The rice is perfect.  I also make grits and oatmeal in my rice cooker.  Seriously easy stuff.  Mine is really old but this one looks simple and won’t break the bank.  I mean, unless you are a master sushi chef you shouldn’t need more than something like this but there are plenty of options out there.  LINK.



The mornings in my house are a nightmare.  I’m trying to get ready to run out the door, make lunches for the girls and get them ready for school.  The dog is barking, the cat is meowing and Blue Eyes wants to know if I have time to iron his shirt.  As you can image it’s a crazy making situation.  I decided to nip this situation in the bud.  I went online to Care.com and I got a babysitter!  She comes 3 times a week from 7am to 9am.  Feeds the girls, makes their lunches and stays on top of them while getting ready for school.   Then she drives them to school.  Now there is only 1 day a week (the other I work from home) where I need to do everything by myself.  Sans ironing Blue Eyes’ shirt.  He can handle that one.  Care.com made the process incredibly easy from beginning to end.  I love that I can be incredibly specific with what I want so the expectations are out in front without having to have an awkward conversation.  I’ve also gotten my housekeeper through Care.com.  You don’t need to pay anything to put out an add but to get the contact information you will need to pay.  It’s a monthly fee but I only subscribe when I’m actively looking for someone and it’s so worth it to get exactly what you are looking for.  LINK




If you have seen the commercial for Chatbooks then you will know why I love them.  If you have ever tried to make a photo book on any photo site and wanted to rip your hair out at how difficult it is then you have to try Chatbooks.  There is no major formatting or confusing layouts, it’s literally one picture per page.  I keep one open and continually add pictures to it until it’s full and then start a new one.  At the end of last year I had two really cute books that documented the year.  It’s really easy to pull in pics from Facebook or Instagram.  In fact with the click on one button you can get your entire Instagram account printed for you in like a week.  It’s an awesome gift for grandparents and it’s small enough for them to carry around with them and show off your adorable kids.  It takes way less time and is way less intimidating.  It’s a win win for me.  I’d rather sit in the front row of a rock fight than try one of those other picture books.  Do it!  Link here——-> LINK



Tile is a GPS tracker that you can put on items that are lost easily.  I have one on my keys, one in my wallet, one on my remote control and an extra one in my junk drawer (which thanks to the Konmari method is nice and clean – see the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up below) in case of an emergency.  I use an app on my phone to “call” whichever tracker I am looking for and a nice loud tune plays a voila! There are my keys.  And want to know the best part?  You can use the tracker on your keys to call your phone.  So if it’s your phone you have lost just press the button on one of those suckers and your phone rings.  Pretty awesome right? I would be lost without my Tiles and I also get to stop fighting with my husband.  2 problems solved at once! LINK



I try to make a point of reading 10 pages (or 10 min depending on my focus level) of a book that has something to do with improving me on some level.  It might be educational, it might be a go get em type of thing.  Regardless, I want to be constantly moving forward.  10 minutes/pages a day adds up to a lot and then I don’t feel so bad when I decide to pick up Harry Potter for the gazillionth time.  Gazillionth…. is that a word?


The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck

Starting off strong here! We all know it’s important to be positive.  What you put out into the world is what you get back.  But sometimes we tend to focus on what we want or will be instead of finding the good in what we are right this second.  One day I’ll be able to buy a house….. One day I’ll get my masters… One day I’ll drive an Audi R8 Spyder.  Well, what’s really wrong with the 2002 VW Jeta you drive today? Really! What’s wrong with it?  Nothing.  We live in a society of the grass is always greener and it’s a constant reminder that even though we want to be richer, fitter, more important tomorrow, we are basically shitting on the us of today.  The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck is some much bigger than these statements.  It’s honest and get’s in your face.  It was a breath of fresh air for me.  Amazon has a much better description, check it out here—–> LINK 


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

This book was a life-change for me.  It really hit home for me that I was spending way more time cleaning my home than I was playing with the girls, reading a book or going on adventures. It made me realize that there is truly another way to live and that I wasn’t a slave to my ADHD.  I used to think that my house was always going to be utter chaos because I didn’t have the ability to keep it together. That isn’t the case.  You just need to think about things differently which can be really difficult.  This book not only helps you shift your thinking but it approaches tidying and organizing in a much different way.  A way that makes so much more sense and easy for my ADHD brain to take in.  LINK