I’m in the middle of writing up my next post about working from home and how I need structure and have a hard time focusing at work and decided to take one of 20 breaks to make crock pot steel cut oatmeal. I started to mention my hubby and my kids and thought “How will my new friends know who I am talking about?”

I started giving everyone pseudonyms but was having trouble explaining who they were. The post was getting all crazy trying to insert the fun names and then explain the people and it was totally boring and distracting from the original point of the post. I figured a post that explains who everyone is was probably a good idea. So without further ado…..

Blue Eyes: This is my darling husband. Blonde/Brown curly hair with stunning blue eye. Both my girls have been blessed with those baby blues and not my boring green. (I mean, my green isn’t boring but they aren’t Kristen Stewart green if you know what I mean.) Blue Eyes is larger than life. He’s a big dude with a lot of personality and love in his heart. He is one of the smartest people I know which is so cool as well as incredibly annoying.

The names for the girls is a tough call cause these are real nicknames and it’s still unclear to me how much I should be protecting the girls’ identities. I guess I’ll figure it in the next few weeks so don’t be surprised if you see a change.

Moo: Moo is my oldest, currently at 9 yrs old. She is stubborn, strong willed and a perfectionist. And she’s freaking gorgeous and doesn’t have a clue which is awesome. At 9 yrs old the drama is already off the charts but Moo is a really good friend and cares deeply.

Boo: Boo is 4 and such a ham. She wears whatever she wants which usually includes a skirt of some sort (during the day and at bedtime). She loves her sister and hates it when anyone is angry at her. She loves to laugh and play pretend. Pretending she’s 9 like her sister does not make for easy bedtimes however.

So those are the main characters in my daily life. There are more of course and I suppose we shall meet them along the way. Thanks for stopping by again.


What’s distracting me today:

Again…. this blog! I haven’t gotten one ounce of work done but I did start crock pot oatmeal and a load of laundry that has been done and sitting in the wash for an hour.

What’s distracting you?


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